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Got Gas? - Part 3

There are a lot of elements in your house that use Natural Gas to run. My parents have a gas stove, fireplace, furnace, hot water heater and a clothes dryer. I think they are in need of personal finance help if they want to reduce these costs. When they discover their budget one day, they'll understand if their gas bill is in line with what it should be based on their income. I've already shown them to our resource link to get a detailed budget spreadsheet and various financial calculators, but they can also search Google. Here are three quick gas saving tips you can implement in your house.

It's Getting Hot In Here - I know you've heard the song. You shouldn't get to the point of wearing shorts at home in the dead of winter. Can I offer a simple bit of personal finance help you can use to lower your heating costs. Drop the thermostat setting by 2 degrees and you will save a large 5% on your gas bill.

Mmm Smells Fresh - Why does no one hang clothes out to dry. If your dryer is gas powered, you could save a lot of cash by hanging your clothes to dry. This is my favorite personal finance help tip as it helps with gas bills, because of the fresh odor it creates. If you find them stiff, tumble them on low heat for 5 minutes.

I Burnt Myself Again - Have you burned your hands while washing them or doing dishes? Think of all the things you use hot water for. I don't believe your water should be so hot that you are unable to hold your hands under it with minimal discomfort. If it's too hot to hold your hand under it, you water temperature is set too high and is costing you cash. My personal finance help tip regarding hot water heaters is adjust the setting so it's not around 100 degrees, but is warm enough to get your dishes clean.

As a personal financial consultant, I've helped many families reduce their overall costs. Their first step when receiving my personal finance help is to get their budget figured out. Simply doing this has often allowed them to allocate or free up hundreds of dollars a month. The next step is always to see where you can reduce expenses in other areas. In this case, I hope these tips will help you reduce your gas bill. Stay tuned for Part 4.